Lunch in a Hurry: Try This 15-Minute Reuben Sandwich

Lunch in a Hurry: Try This 15-Minute Reuben Sandwich

This Homemade Version Tastes Just Like the One From the Deli!

A good old Reuben sandwich is probably one of our favorite lunchtime treats…if not our absolute favorite of all time! Whenever we have a Reuben, we feel like we're at an authentic New York deli, whether we're eating at our favorite corner restaurant or relaxing in the comfort of our own home. We never thought we'd be able to truly replicate the real thing ourselves, until we found this recipe. It's incredibly quick and easy to make, and has all the flavor you'd expect from a deli Reuben.

A traditional Reuben sandwich uses Swiss cheese, but we also like it with Gruyère, which has a slightly nutty flavor. Of course, if you like to mix things up, you might want to experiment with other cheeses as well. Yum! We really like this Reuben sandwich with some plain potato chips on the side, for a quick, easy and delicious lunch.

To learn how to make this mouthwatering Reuben sandwich at home, please continue to Page (2) for the full list of ingredients and complete cooking instructions.

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  1. NomNom
    NomNom July 04, 12:48

    wow , I�m i the only hungry one now

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  2. Estelee Wilson Slusser
    Estelee Wilson Slusser July 28, 02:24

    Saundra Roberts

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  3. Mary Salamone Stout
    Mary Salamone Stout July 28, 23:29

    Yes reuban sandwiches ate great

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  4. Juanita Ray Blevins
    Juanita Ray Blevins September 10, 13:30


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  5. Roxanne Harrington Pattison
    Roxanne Harrington Pattison September 10, 15:52

    Lance Pattison

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  6. Susie Ray Sweet
    Susie Ray Sweet October 18, 01:09

    I have a 10 minute Reuben recipe. Lol

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  7. Catherine McCarthy
    Catherine McCarthy October 18, 11:48

    O yeah…

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  8. Harry Ruppert
    Harry Ruppert October 19, 01:30

    That does look so good delicious

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  9. Kathy Hicks
    Kathy Hicks November 22, 14:18

    Love reuben sandwiches

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  10. Nicole Martinoff
    Nicole Martinoff November 23, 02:39

    Have never tried a Reuben Sandwich— I guess it’s time I did, huh

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  11. Nicole Martinoff
    Nicole Martinoff January 03, 22:00

    Mmm, looks good.

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