Stop Burning Fried Chicken: We Have The Special Batter & Method That Makes It Come Out Perfect!

Stop Burning Fried Chicken: We Have The Special Batter & Method That Makes It Come Out Perfect!

We Used To Struggle To Get Our Fried Chicken As Crispy & Crunchy As We Wanted, But Then We Found This Recipe & Now It Always Comes Out Just Right!

Fried chicken is one of those perfect dishes that's equally well-suited to a picnic or backyard BBQ as is it to a family gathering or casual weeknight dinner. In fact, you can make it go pretty much any way you want depending on what you serve it with. Think cole slaw or potato salad for a light summertime mood, and hearty mashed potatoes and a generous helping of green beans for a good old-fashioned, down-home meal just like Grandma used to make on Sundays.

Getting fried chicken just right, however, can be a bit of a challenge. It's best when it's lightly crispy and you definitely don't want it soggy or greasy. Deep frying any food can be a tricky art to master, which is why were thrilled to stumble upon this recipe for perfectly fried chicken every time. I think we'll be having fried chicken at our house a lot more often now!

For The Full List Of Ingredients & The Delicious Step By Step Directions To Follow Please Head On Over To The Next Page For The Entire Recipe…

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  1. Ludy's Kitchen
    Ludy's Kitchen March 30, 16:00

    Sweet :/

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  2. Shea Davidson
    Shea Davidson March 30, 18:52

    I can’t get to the damn page!! Ads

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  3. Kathy Mc Mahon-Johancen
    Kathy Mc Mahon-Johancen March 30, 19:03

    Richard Stewart maybe this will work for your chicken.

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  4. Ellie Sharp
    Ellie Sharp May 13, 16:41

    Jessica Whittaker Here’s some good tips to help you with that chicken problem 🙂 Annamarie Mazza Maddie Smith XD

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  5. Shauna Mead
    Shauna Mead March 27, 20:49

    Konnie Huddleston

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  6. Dirk Edge
    Dirk Edge May 31, 15:26

    Sharon Edge

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  7. Rita Box
    Rita Box August 09, 13:05

    Looks good

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  8. Andrew Ford
    Andrew Ford August 09, 22:31

    Lovely view

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  9. Nicole Martinoff
    Nicole Martinoff August 10, 04:04

    Mmm, yummy!

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  10. Suzie Weber
    Suzie Weber December 05, 13:28

    Jeannie Hamelink

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  11. Pud Burchett
    Pud Burchett January 08, 17:39

    Can’t get the recipe!

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  12. Nicole Martinoff
    Nicole Martinoff January 08, 18:18

    Mmm, delicious—will make this next time I have chicken.

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  13. June Cruz
    June Cruz January 08, 19:13

    No recipe 🙁

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