These Crispy Corn Fritters Have Just a Bit of Spice!

These Crispy Corn Fritters Have Just a Bit of Spice!

These Sweet Corn Fritters Really Bring On The Heat…

Corn fritters have always been one of our favorite snacks, especially in the summer, when there's plenty of fresh, sweet corn to use. Sure, you could have corn on the cob all summer long, but why not transform this delicious vegetable into a hearty snack or appetizer that will really satisfy your cravings? (You can also use frozen corn and get the same amazing taste, making this something you can eat all year long!)

This recipe is based on the classic version you're probably familiar with, but it's a little spicy, too. That's because it has cayenne pepper and jalapeno pepper for just a little bit of bite. Yum! The secret to the crispiest possible fritters is to use a wide, heavy-bottomed pan and at least 1/8-inch of hot oil, heated for several minutes before you place the fritters in. Also, heat just a few at a time to overcrowding the pan.

To learn how to make these crispy corn fritters at home, please continue to Page (2) for the full list of ingredients and complete cooking instructions.

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  1. Debbie Dahling
    Debbie Dahling July 26, 15:54

    Darlene Darling

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  2. Darlene Darling
    Darlene Darling July 26, 16:06

    Saw these the other day..thats what got me thinking of them

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    R3 Detox Tea July 26, 17:00

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  4. Stephen Craig Hill
    Stephen Craig Hill July 26, 20:55

    Going to make this one for sure!

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  5. Karen Paterson
    Karen Paterson July 26, 21:53

    What kind of sauce you serving with them?

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  6. Cynthia A Bentley
    Cynthia A Bentley July 27, 04:07

    TRY Crispy Corn Fritters

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    Andrew Ford August 14, 20:24


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    Nora Kent August 26, 11:00

    who else really loves this ?

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