This Method for Cutting Cake Is Raising Eyebrows!

This Method for Cutting Cake Is Raising Eyebrows!

We Couldn't Believe Our Eyes When We Saw the Video!

Who doesn't love cake, right? However, as much as we all enjoy eating it, we don't always enjoy cutting it, especially when it's one of those fancy multi-layer cakes you find at weddings, and maybe at particularly elegant birthday parties or wedding showers. It takes a lot of skill and patience to get it just right because the goal is to cut it into several neat, equally sized pieces. In practice it doesn't always work out that way, however, and you end up with uneven and messy slices that completely spoil the work involved in creating such a beautiful cake.

However, there's a cake-cutting technique that's all the rage on Instagram right now, and after we saw it we were practically in shock. It goes against everything we'd been taught about cutting cakes, which is why we were hesitant to try it. However, it's incredibly effective while also being surprisingly easy and simple.

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  1. Bobby Arentz
    Bobby Arentz June 30, 00:26


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  2. Cindy Sykes
    Cindy Sykes June 30, 01:37

    Not very pretty on the plate.

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  3. Sharon Covault
    Sharon Covault June 30, 11:33

    Taylor Patton. This really makes sense.

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  4. Mary Clark
    Mary Clark July 01, 00:44

    Would ave been nice to see the first cut

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  5. Jessica Hayes
    Jessica Hayes August 16, 14:13

    Cristie Wilkerson-Bautista

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  6. Stephanie Anne
    Stephanie Anne March 10, 21:26

    Karolyn Bridgess

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