You’ll Never Have Dull Chicken Again With This Dish – It’s Bursting With Flavor!

You’ll Never Have Dull Chicken Again With This Dish – It’s Bursting With Flavor!

Can You Imagine Having This For Dinner? It's Full Of Flavor & It Only Needs Four Ingredients To Make!

Whenever I hear “bacon-wrapped” anything I assume preparing the meal is going to take a little bit of work.

Apparently I've been wrong this whole time. There really isn't much to this recipe for bacon-wrapped chicken with sweet black pepper and rosemary, but you definitely won't be disappointed by it.

You'll get the perfect combination of sweet, savory, and smoky flavor in every bite you take, all in addition to the extra bit of spice from the black pepper sauce. Simply put, there's something for everyone in this dish!

The only thing you need to really worry about is, during the preparation phase, make sure you don't forget to marinate the chicken beforehand. You can do this about an hour before you start cooking, or if you'll be busy all day simply throw it in a bag in the morning before you head to work.

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  1. Susan Boyce
    Susan Boyce March 11, 17:21

    looks good

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  2. Recipetryouts
    Recipetryouts March 11, 20:33

    Me either….looks good

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  3. Ken Bobin
    Ken Bobin March 12, 23:03

    chickens eat their own poop!!

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  4. Ludy's Kitchen
    Ludy's Kitchen March 15, 16:30

    Thanks for the info :

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  5. Mary Wakelam
    Mary Wakelam March 15, 17:36

    Can’t get sweet pepper sauce around here.

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  6. Brian Platt
    Brian Platt March 20, 20:14

    Nicole Rausch Platt

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  7. Peter Cornejo
    Peter Cornejo April 18, 16:17

    Stephanie Stephanie Leigh Fristoe

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  8. Katie Lacefield
    Katie Lacefield April 18, 17:36

    Bobby Lepitre

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  9. Chris Rennicks
    Chris Rennicks April 18, 18:19

    Tarah Ransom

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  10. Robin Fultz
    Robin Fultz April 18, 20:17


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  11. Susan Boyce
    Susan Boyce April 19, 11:29

    Looks good

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  12. Sonny LeBeaux
    Sonny LeBeaux April 19, 15:13

    Skylar Neal

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