5 Recipes That Prove How To Feed A Family of 4 on 20 Dollars

5 Recipes That Prove How To Feed A Family of 4 on 20 Dollars

Do you ever feel that all of the money you spend at the grocery store just goes to waste sometimes? I know I do. As a family of four with two growing teenagers keeping food in the house can seem like a task where enough will never be enough but as you will see later in this article, it is possible!

Thankfully we have found a way to help!

Sure kids can consume so much food for their growing bodies it's often hard to keep up with these insatiable appetites. While I enjoy cooking for my family I do not enjoy the price total when standing at the checkout counter paying for all of the food.

So we did our research and came up with a way to minimize spending and maximize output. These 5 recipes are a lifesaver on my pocketbook and I couldn't wait to share them with you all!

For those of you who are going to ask, we used Walmart.com to calculate prices because I can buy everything online and just go and pick it up at the store. It really is a great time to be alive, isn't it!

So let's keep reading and take a look at these 5 recipes, shall we!



  1. Alia Johnson
    Alia Johnson December 06, 22:10

    i can feed a family of 9 for a week on 55 bucks… its not easy but 4 for 20!? we’d be eating steak!

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  2. Suzie Weber
    Suzie Weber December 06, 22:12

    Jessie Miller

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  3. Suzie Weber
    Suzie Weber December 06, 22:12

    Shannon Rayborn

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  4. Nora Kent
    Nora Kent December 25, 15:30

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    Tastyrecipesnow January 02, 01:00

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