6 Pantry Staples That Should Always Be Purchased Generic

6 Pantry Staples That Should Always Be Purchased Generic

I grew up during a time when the economy was good, consumerism was rising and my mother seemed to think that the sideways ponytail was the look I should go with. Yes, I am talking about the 1980's! I would spend my Saturday mornings watching the Smurfs, Rainbow Brite and the myriad of other animations as I chopped down on some marshmallowy, sugar infused cereal. It was a great time to be a kid!

Television itself was a wonderful thing and honestly, I loved the commercials just as much as I loved the shows. There were all these rivalries between brands and it showed. Coke vs. Pepsi, KFC vs. Popeyes, McDonald's vs. Burger King and boy did I have my favorites (Coke-KFC- McDonalds)!

It was an era of brand recognition for me. I grew to believe that name brand was always better than generic and there was nothing anyone could do to tell me otherwise.

Until I grew up!

That is when I realized that everything is made and shipped from the same place and it's all about licensing, at least in most cases when it comes to food. I will admit there are times when it's different…coffee for one but that's another article altogether!

So let's keep reading and look at the 6 things that you should always buy generic!

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  1. Plastiware
    Plastiware August 29, 16:00

    Nice info thanks a lot really love food prep

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  2. Kristen Metcalf Hartman
    Kristen Metcalf Hartman November 12, 21:28

    I read page one but could never get it to go to page two.

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  3. Lois Goubeaux
    Lois Goubeaux November 12, 23:19

    same here

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