A Cabbage Dish That Is Out Of This World!

A Cabbage Dish That Is Out Of This World!

Cabbage is amazing and it's sad to me that some people only eat it around St. Patty's Day! Hopefully, this dish will fix that! There is no need to wait until one day a year to eat a specific food when there are a plethora of recipes around that can help you enjoy this meal all year long.

So I dug into our recipe stash and found one that I know you will all love. It combines two of my favorite things, cabbage, and casseroles! We have gone ahead and compiled on the next page a list of ingredients and steps that you will need in order to make this delicious dish.



  1. Shirley Whaley
    Shirley Whaley January 09, 22:21


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  2. Jeannie Thompson Carter
    Jeannie Thompson Carter January 09, 22:26

    looks good

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  3. Verla Bienemann Monge
    Verla Bienemann Monge January 09, 22:41

    Love cabbage

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  4. Elaine Brown
    Elaine Brown January 09, 23:19

    I am in the U.K. and found a recipe useing Ranch sauce ,I ordered the sauce and now I can not firnd the reciepe can anyone help please

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  5. Sherry Louise Hunt
    Sherry Louise Hunt January 10, 00:04

    Scott Hunt

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  6. Carolyn MacLean Davis
    Carolyn MacLean Davis January 10, 01:35

    Tomorrow night dinner

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  7. Jonnie Grosshans
    Jonnie Grosshans January 10, 09:11

    The directions didn’t say when to add ground beef.

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  8. Maryse Malone
    Maryse Malone January 10, 15:06

    Nice change.

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  9. Emme Elle
    Emme Elle January 24, 11:32


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  10. Julie Ellis
    Julie Ellis May 28, 17:07

    I love cabbage but my significant other gets gas really bad from it, so I never cook it

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  11. Jan Anderson-Christiansen
    Jan Anderson-Christiansen May 28, 17:28

    Chrissy Joy Christiansen

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  12. Debbie Smith Mosley
    Debbie Smith Mosley May 28, 17:41

    Did you know….

    There are particular carbohydrates in raw cabbage called ogliosaccharides, which are difficult to digest feed gas-producing bacteria in the intestinal tract as well as a high amount of insoluble fiber, You can cook the cabbage in a particular way that helps break them down before they reach the digestive tract.

    Breaking the cabbage down into smaller pieces before cooking helps the digestive enzymes reach more of the “surface” area so it reduces the amount of undigested food that actually reaches the intestine. If I’m going to add cabbage to soup or other recipes, I shred it….actually have bought bags of the already shredded cabbage and that works REALLY well. I almost never get gas from it anymore. Sometimes I also pre-boil it till it’s kind of “al-dent” if I want to use larger pieces and toss the water, then add the boiled cabbage to my dish. Hope that may help you….

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  13. Kathy Dison
    Kathy Dison May 28, 18:27

    Jerry Dison

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  14. Sandra Van Beek
    Sandra Van Beek May 28, 18:32

    Always looking for cabbage dishes ……love it !

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  15. Brenda Crosley
    Brenda Crosley May 28, 19:01

    Has he tried beno? Works pretty good

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  16. Julie Ellis
    Julie Ellis May 28, 19:02

    I think he should try it

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  17. Cindy Knox
    Cindy Knox May 28, 19:32

    I LOVE me some cabbage. I can quarter it, put a little salt, pepper, garlic salt and 2 good tsb of butter( anything you have – I have blue bonnett lite all the time) and wrap in foil. Bake at 375 for about 45 minutes), OMG. Of course then I like to eat mine with a little vinegar over it. I thank you for all the recipes. I look forward to trying yours.

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  18. Patt Knudson
    Patt Knudson May 28, 20:17

    Love cabbage

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  19. Ainsleigh Danielle
    Ainsleigh Danielle May 28, 21:39

    Deborah M Ouskun cabbage dish

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  20. Carla Turpin Bacoccini
    Carla Turpin Bacoccini May 28, 23:52

    This is delicious

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  21. Frederick Robinson
    Frederick Robinson May 28, 23:52

    Jennifer Auston Robinson

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  22. Dixie Reddig
    Dixie Reddig May 29, 00:13

    Julie Ellis , it use to bother me until I began taking probiotics daily about a year ago. Slot of things that use to bother me are no longer a issue.

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  23. Angela Antonio Ruiz
    Angela Antonio Ruiz May 29, 02:25

    Martha Villanueva

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  24. Felicia Hallsr
    Felicia Hallsr May 29, 13:39

    Omg its so good

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  25. Ruby Humphrey
    Ruby Humphrey June 23, 04:39


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  26. Cora Spriggs
    Cora Spriggs June 23, 12:40

    I will try

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  27. Lucy Lu
    Lucy Lu June 23, 16:10

    This is good but forgets to say cook hamburger!!

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  28. Linda Diane Sprecher - Foltz
    Linda Diane Sprecher - Foltz June 23, 16:14

    Lisa King try this dish

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  29. Andrea Swensen Ferry
    Andrea Swensen Ferry June 24, 02:39

    I made a very similar dish a few days ago …only difference was that it was baked coverred in the oven at 375 for 1 hour and 15 minutes….added cheese at the end to melt. Delicious!

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  30. Helen Little
    Helen Little July 22, 14:32

    Do you brown meat first

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  31. Rita Box
    Rita Box July 22, 14:55


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  32. Marilyn Hood Griffey
    Marilyn Hood Griffey July 22, 14:58

    Love cabbage

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  33. Arlene T. Wilson
    Arlene T. Wilson July 22, 15:41

    I eat at least once or twice a month

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  34. Donald Scheiner
    Donald Scheiner July 22, 16:38

    Hell no. I love cabbage rolls anytime and sauerkraut too. Lots of cabbage meals all year.

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  35. Sharon Sentz Weese
    Sharon Sentz Weese July 22, 16:50

    Love cabbage

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  36. Lynn Robinson
    Lynn Robinson July 22, 17:48

    Like it

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  37. Pauline Cruz
    Pauline Cruz July 22, 18:26

    Love cabbage

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  38. Linda Green
    Linda Green July 22, 20:51

    Dinner for Sunday. Yumm

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  39. Lyn Kennon
    Lyn Kennon July 22, 21:02

    Bill Kennon

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  40. Robin Sherwood-Straub
    Robin Sherwood-Straub July 23, 01:33

    Danielle Aldridge

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  41. Clara Foehrenbach
    Clara Foehrenbach July 26, 03:05

    Always need cabbage recipes

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  42. balsamichawaii.com
    balsamichawaii.com October 05, 15:30

    Thanks for the info

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  43. Beth Gay Eberhardt
    Beth Gay Eberhardt October 05, 15:34

    Beth Gay Eberhardt

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  44. Renee Baker
    Renee Baker November 06, 01:34

    We have cabbage pan fried with onions and garlic two or three times a month

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  45. Sherry Hinson
    Sherry Hinson November 06, 11:57


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