A Cabbage Dish That Is Out Of This World!

A Cabbage Dish That Is Out Of This World!

Cabbage is amazing and it's sad to me that some people only eat it around St. Patty's Day! Hopefully, this dish will fix that! There is no need to wait until one day a year to eat a specific food when there are a plethora of recipes around that can help you enjoy this meal all year long.

So I dug into our recipe stash and found one that I know you will all love. It combines two of my favorite things, cabbage, and casseroles! We have gone ahead and compiled on the next page a list of ingredients and steps that you will need in order to make this delicious dish.



  1. Mae Arnette
    Mae Arnette January 11, 01:26

    Love cabbage

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  2. Michael Nejedly
    Michael Nejedly January 11, 01:49

    Cabbage is excellent for healing stomach problems.

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  3. Dianne G Morgan
    Dianne G Morgan January 11, 01:50

    Love cabbage anyway.

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  4. Ruth Graham
    Ruth Graham January 30, 01:11

    I truly love ❤️ cabbage cooked or raw

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  5. Stephanie Vinson
    Stephanie Vinson February 09, 04:42

    Daisy Jdm

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