A Savory Steak and Gravy Dinner That Will Impress Everyone

A Savory Steak and Gravy Dinner That Will Impress Everyone

There is something that is special about sitting down to a great steak dinner. There doesn't have to be a special occasion to enjoy this dish as we have found a way to easily prepare this every day of the week.

Cooked with a rich, savory gravy then served on top of creamy, garlic mashed potatoes. This recipe is super easy for me to throw everything in a crock pot and let everything simmer.

With the ingredients that you are using it's really a two-in-one recipe because it gives you the Gravy and the Sirloin Steak Tips in one pot, all you need is to make the Garlic Mashed Potatoes and you have a complete dinner.

So grab a drink and after the break let's look at the step by step directions 



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    Betty Johnson February 16, 05:39


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    Video Recipes February 19, 14:30

    Thanks for the post big fan here

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  3. Theresa Allen
    Theresa Allen April 24, 12:37

    The directions are crap.

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