Arbys Unveils The Venison Burger Nationwide For One Day Only

Arbys Unveils The Venison Burger Nationwide For One Day Only

Arbys, an American Institution in the fast food industry has once again taken it up a notch with their latest announcement.

This past year or two Arbys has made headlines with its genius marketing techniques to drive customers to their locations. Not only do they serve delicious meat-filled sandwiches but they have learned to capitalize on events that the meat enthusiast would be aware of.

Most recently they revealed that for one day only they would be selling turkey legs to commemorate the season finale of the hit HBO show Game of Thrones. The stunt proved to be wildly popular among GOT fan's and Arby's sales that day went through the roof. While they have no connection with the show and had to be careful about how it was advertised they stayed true to the guidelines and GOT fans got their turkey legs.

Now Arby's is falling suite with this next announcement of Venison Burgers. Let's take a look at what brought on the decision, the reaction from the public and most importantly what day you need to mark your calendar for!

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  1. Debbie Dahling
    Debbie Dahling October 17, 20:13

    Les Wolfe

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  2. Debbie Dahling
    Debbie Dahling October 17, 20:13

    Jill Dahling

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  3. Lynyrd Barkley
    Lynyrd Barkley October 17, 20:21

    John Barkley

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  4. Anthonyz Caterz
    Anthonyz Caterz October 17, 22:23

    I’ll be there

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  5. Melinda Hines
    Melinda Hines October 17, 22:47


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  6. Sandy Mull Ritter
    Sandy Mull Ritter October 18, 01:26

    No thanks

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  7. Connie Scharbor
    Connie Scharbor October 18, 01:45

    Oklahoma city too

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  8. Damion Wadsworth
    Damion Wadsworth October 18, 01:48

    Jennifer Halloran

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  9. Susan Bess Rohrbach
    Susan Bess Rohrbach October 18, 11:44

    Love venison!!!

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  10. Ramona Doswell
    Ramona Doswell October 18, 13:47

    Don’t think I will be trying

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  11. Doris Jackson
    Doris Jackson October 18, 14:58


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  12. Lynn Weis Teichow
    Lynn Weis Teichow October 18, 17:58

    Jason Teichow

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