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Avoid These Errors When Making A Marinade

Avoid These Errors When Making A Marinade

We can all tell the difference when a piece of meat has had the chance to bathe in marinade versus when we slap it on and stick it in the oven. It's not to say that the meal won't be delicious if you opt for the latter however if a piece of meat has had the chance to sit in and soak up the marinade you have either prepared or bought there is a big difference in the flavor.

Since there are only a slight handful of us who are professional level cooks (and kudos to those of you who are) I decided to ask what some of the common mistakes were when putting together a meal where any kind of marinade was involved. So I have taken the answer, compiled for you on the next page a list of the most common errors and you can see for yourself if you are guilty of making these mistakes. I know I was.



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