Banana Pudding Cake With Rum Drizzle!

Banana Pudding Cake With Rum Drizzle!

Everyone has had banana pudding but have you tried banana pudding cake?

I can honestly say that living in the south I have had my fair share of banana pudding. There have been family arguments over who makes the best (I never take sides) whose recipe is the simplest and whose got the best presentation. It's a long debate that I refuse to participate in for fear of the wrath of all of them.

So imagine their surprise when I show up to family dinner with this Banana Pudding Cake in my hands. Their looks of “how cute she's trying something different” were apparent but so was their “WOW this is AMAZING” looks once they tried one delicious bite of this delicious dish! Although now I think I have started a new “let's see who makes the best Banana Cake” debacle.

It really is pretty easy to make and you will be the talk of the family dinner, although now I think I have started a new “let's see who makes the best Banana Cake” debacle.

For step by step instructions on how to make this amazing cake your relatives will be jealous of keep reading.

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  1. Foodies Frat
    Foodies Frat December 21, 05:31


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  2. Michael A. Cooper
    Michael A. Cooper December 23, 23:17

    Somebody make this for me yum

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  3. Mark Nathanael Hardy
    Mark Nathanael Hardy January 15, 14:21

    Yaritza Torres

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  4. Thomas B Talioferro
    Thomas B Talioferro January 15, 14:40

    Keisha Thibodeaux Bailey

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  5. Helen Lucero
    Helen Lucero January 15, 18:45


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  6. Patricia Einberger Kittelson
    Patricia Einberger Kittelson January 15, 19:51

    Kathy Kittelson McCloskey thought you would like this.

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  7. Jimmy King
    Jimmy King January 22, 23:44

    Looks good,!

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  8. Ashlie Thompson
    Ashlie Thompson January 23, 00:20

    That would make me feel much better!!

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  9. Chris LaFrance
    Chris LaFrance February 16, 02:41


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  10. Betty Johnson
    Betty Johnson February 16, 05:26


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  11. Shelia Sweeney Hammac
    Shelia Sweeney Hammac February 19, 14:22

    My husband love’s banana pudding so he will love this cake,…..

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  12. Ashley Rarick
    Ashley Rarick March 18, 22:48

    Barbara Bowman Watts

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  13. Margaret Senn
    Margaret Senn March 19, 00:03

    here ya go royce!

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  14. Crock Pot-Slow Cooker
    Crock Pot-Slow Cooker April 09, 21:00

    anyone love this post as much as me

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