Check Out This Copy Cat Recipe For A Honey Baked Ham!

Check Out This Copy Cat Recipe For A Honey Baked Ham!


You Can Never Go Wrong With A Honey Baked Ham. The Brown Sugar, Honey & Cinnamon Crust Is Our Favorite Part…

We all love ham for the holidays with our many main dishes and sides. This Honey Baked Ham will have the family cheering with joy as they enjoy the savory, mouth watering addition to the holiday meal.

The succulent Honey Baked Ham is made with that special rub that gives the top part that caramelized look and mouthwatering taste. We have been searching for this type of recipe forever and are elated that we finally found it!

Whether you eat this the same day or use for sandwiches, it will be a heavenly, sweet, juicy, ham that will keep you coming back for more, even past the holidays or your special occasion.

For The Full List Of Ingredients & The Step By Step Directions To Follow Please Go To Page (2) Where We Show You How To Make It…

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  1. Daily Kitchen and Cooking Tips
    Daily Kitchen and Cooking Tips December 20, 17:00

    looks tasty 🙂

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    Steve Reed December 20, 22:41


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