Deep Fried Turkey Recipe: A How To Guide So You Don’t Start A Grease Fire

Deep Fried Turkey Recipe: A How To Guide So You Don’t Start A Grease Fire

Whether It's Thanksgiving or Tailgating, The Lower 50 States Shouldn't Be the Only Ones That Enjoy Savory Deep Fried Turkey!

Most of us have grown up thinking that for a turkey to be moist and delicious it has to cook in the over for hours upon hours. We know this deep fried turkey will make a believer out of you that fast cooking the bird at a high temperature not only saves time in the kitchen but delivers in taste.

I know most of you are a bit timid to try the southern-cherished deep frying method, especially when it comes to experimenting with the star attraction at a holiday meal, however, we are confident that this recipe will become a go-to favorite for years to come.

And, since the frying time is approximately 40 minutes for a 15-18 lb. turkey, think of the time you will have to catch a little football, visit with Aunt Edna from Minnetonka, or perhaps treat yourself to a pre-meal glass of wine. Plus, with the oven free, you don't have to be a magician to try and coordinate your casserole and side dishes around when the turkey will be done!

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  1. Mickey Rocka
    Mickey Rocka November 25, 17:46

    the taste is just better with a meat marinade injector, i have one here, it just does wonders to help give the chicken more flavour

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  2. Mickey Rocka
    Mickey Rocka November 25, 17:47

    if i may add, its not just for chicken, its handy tool to have around the kitchen, a meat marinade injector that is

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  3. Kimberly Othman
    Kimberly Othman March 10, 19:19

    This is 1 way to turn a meat from healthy to unhealthy by deep frying it versus baking it.

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