Don’t Toss Those Leftover Broccoli Stems: Do THIS With Them Instead

Don’t Toss Those Leftover Broccoli Stems: Do THIS With Them Instead

This Underrated Part of the Broccoli Plant Has a Lot of Potential!

Who doesn't love a nice broccoli floret? They're tender, flavorful, and go well in casseroles, on top of pasta or baked potatoes, or just all by themselves as a nice side dish, perhaps smothered in butter or even melted cheese. Yum! However, while we all covet the floret, which is the top, leafy part of the broccoli, we usually give little thought to the stems and stalks, typically just tossing them because they're not nearly as tender as the florets.

Well, we hate to waste food, so we're always looking for inventive ways to use the things that many people toss. As it turns out, broccoli stems and stalks have quite a few good uses of their own, so we definitely recommend hanging onto them and then recycling them for another dish. You'd be surprised what you can do with them!

To learn a few creative ways to use those leftover broccoli stems instead of throwing them in the trash, please continue to Page (2) for a few of our favorite tips.

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  1. Lance Shelton
    Lance Shelton April 24, 22:27

    I want a vegetable tray to eat now, with lots of ranch dressing.

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  2. Jan
    Jan May 05, 19:21

    I cook it, mash it and use in my broccoli soup.

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    • John
      John June 26, 15:41

      Perfect…except I put the cooked in a blender to “liquefy.” And do the same with cauliflower then add some of each vegie’s florettes plus swiss cheese, seasoning and cream to make a great soup.

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  3. The best recipes of the food
    The best recipes of the food December 31, 12:14

    Stuff like this are why I love facebook

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  4. Robert Ferris Jr.
    Robert Ferris Jr. December 31, 13:58

    We ok I eat them

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  5. Carlin Covello
    Carlin Covello December 31, 21:22

    i eat them myself……………………..

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  6. Maria Eichhorn
    Maria Eichhorn January 23, 15:54

    Shred them and put them in egg rolls.

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  7. Patricia Dozza Rockhill
    Patricia Dozza Rockhill January 23, 19:58

    Love Broccoli Cole Slaw!

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