Follow These Tips to Eat Sushi Safely

Follow These Tips to Eat Sushi Safely

We'll Be Inspecting Our Sushi a Little More Closely From Now On!

Asian import sushi has been a favorite food here in the United States for many years. However, not many of us were prepared for some of the dangers that come along with eating raw fish, something that's common practice in Japan. In fact, if you're like us, you were probably taught to cook meat thoroughly before consuming it. Though the Japanese are well-versed in how to prepare and eat raw fish, they still encounter the parasitic disease known as anisakidosis, in which the anisakid nematode attaches itself to the internal organs. Yikes!

Anisakidosis can cause a wide range of symptoms, and now that sushi is on the rise in the U.S., we're seeing more and more cases of it here as well. This is all confirmed by a report in the British Medical Journal, in which researchers detail the case of a man who became ill after eating some bad sushi. We have to admit, this turned us off of sushi, but you can still eat it safely, provided you follow a few basic precautions.

To learn how to make sure your sushi is safe, please continue to Page (2) for our top tips.

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    Chuck Williams May 21, 17:52

    is ‘COOK it’ on the list?

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