How To Keep Lemons Fresher Longer

How To Keep Lemons Fresher Longer

Now that lemons are in season I have been using them in just about everything from recipes to cleaning products.

The only thing I do NOT like about lemons is that if you do not use all of the lemons that your purchase within about a week they seem to go “bad.”

While I use lemons on almost an everyday basis, in water, teas and to clean various kitchen and bathroom appliances, I am usually left with a handful, of lemons that I find myself tossing out which is such a waste.

While lemons are high in citric acid which is a natural preservative they still go bad if they are not used within a specific period of time.

So what can we do to help save our lemons and stop such food waste? Keep reading and I will show you what I have found!

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  1. Fely Elloso Castellano
    Fely Elloso Castellano August 31, 11:17

    Cetron.lemon needs of ingrédient for cooking

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