How To Smoke Meat Without An Expensive Smoker

How To Smoke Meat Without An Expensive Smoker

Many people think that smoking meat is a long complicated process. They may be true in some cases but it can be accomplished a lot easier than you might think. You can smoke meat using tools you may already have such as a charcoal or gas grill, or even on top of your stove. These tips and tricks will have you smoking meat like a pro in no time!

Ways You Can Smoke Meat Without Using A Smoker Include:

Charcoal kettle grills

“If you grill indirectly using half as much charcoal as you usually would and toss either smoked wood chips or unsoaked wood chunks in the mounds of coals, you have in effect turned that kettle grill into a very powerful smoker.

Regular gas grills

If you've got a gas grill with flavorizer bars , you can put wood chunks between those and then put the food you want to smoke directly over them. Since you're putting the flavor on the bottom of the food, it'll give you some noticeable smoke.” — Steven

Smoky spice rubs

Add smoked paprika and smoked salt to a dry rub, applying rub to meat, sear meat to lock in juices, bring out spices' flavor.

Stovetop smokers

I don't know that I'd do a brisket on a stovetop smoker. But what they're really great for is smoked fish and shrimp. I've done quail eggs.” — Steven Raichlen

Dutch ovens

“I like to make my own indoor smoker with a Dutch oven, one of those little hinged, collapsible aluminum steamer baskets, and wood shavings.

“So what I do is heat up my cast-iron on the burner and then get whatever protein it is that I'm trying to smoke ready to go, making sure that it's small enough to fit inside. I'll get the pot really hot and then turn the stove completely off, leaving the pot on the range but without heat. I'll sprinkle the wood shavings onto the bottom of the pot and flip that little steamer basket upside down on top of them, creating about a 2in cavity for the wood.

Wood planks

“It's a little bit counterintuitive, but conventional wisdom holds that when you cook on a plank, you have to soak it first so it can release that steamy cedar flavor. In fact, what you want to do is char the plank, get it smoking, and then put the food on it — that gives you the flavor” — Steven Raichlen


“I stuff a fish's belly with herbs and shallots and lemon, cover it in parchment and foil, and then wrap it in paper grocery store bags that I've soaked in the kitchen sink. Then I'll put the whole thing directly on top of some gray coals in a charcoal grill and let it smoke. It gets this burning, smoky flavor without using wood chips or proper smoker.”– David Guas

Smoking gun

“The food is only exposed to the smoke for maybe five to 10 minutes, but because it's so intense and clean, burning it ends up penetrating pretty efficiently, depending on what protein or veggie you're using. And there's obviously a ‘wow' factor.” — David Guas


Now That You Have Learned A Few Trick's You'll Want To Do Them All The Time!

These tips and tricks for smoking your meat without a smoker may just make you want to smoke meat all the time. Have you tried any of these tips and tricks before?

Let Us Know How It Worked For You!

Article Source: Thrillist



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