How To Thaw Meat Quickly Without Ruining Dinner

How To Thaw Meat Quickly Without Ruining Dinner

Have you ever gone to the trouble of planning a great meal, I mean a really great meal? A meal filled with so much flavor that you know everyone who eats it will sing your praises and tell the world how amazing you are for at least the next week. Then when it's time to cook said meal you walk into the kitchen only to find that the main course, the piece de resistance still sitting in the freezer.

At one time or another, we have all been there. Standing in the kitchen looking at a frozen block of meat and the hope of our amazingly epic dinner going right down the drain. We are now contemplating the various drive-thru options within a 5-mile radius.

There is some good news. We know how important it is in those moments to have a plan and we have one for you. We have compiled information on the next page that will not only defrost your meat with a quickness but also allow it to maintain the flavor and texture that you would expect from a great meal. Now there is no need to struggle through take out menus and you can once again be the recipient of everyone's praise for a meal well cooked.




  1. Video Recipes
    Video Recipes January 08, 01:30

    Great! thanks a lot love

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  2. Kathy Relf
    Kathy Relf January 08, 12:10

    You can also seal it in a plastic zip lock bag and place it in water. Just cold water from the tap. Works great.

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  3. Shirley Skillman Lang
    Shirley Skillman Lang January 08, 17:40

    I tried this and worked great. did it on 4 lg steaks

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  4. Ron Pazienza
    Ron Pazienza February 16, 20:59

    I got a suggestion how about making your articles get to the point faster without all the ads

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  5. Robert Morse
    Robert Morse February 16, 22:29

    Or you could use a microwave with defrost setting . I have cooked them on grill frozen just add 4 or 5 minutes per side. To be safe check with thermometer . :-{D

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  6. Brian Brooks
    Brian Brooks April 29, 01:39

    Brittany Grice

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  7. Shirley Wall
    Shirley Wall July 18, 15:31

    Great recipies

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