How To Trim Asparagus The Correct Way

How To Trim Asparagus The Correct Way

Did you know there was a correct and incorrect way to trim asparagus! I didn't and come to find out I was doing it wrong this entire time.

Truth be told everyone has their own way of doing things. Sometimes it all boils down to how you were taught and what you want to do in the kitchen. Many of these ways are not necessarily wrong per say but then again, some of them are. There are some chefs that even become famous for their quirky ways. Here's looking at you “salt bae.”

When it comes to trimming asparagus it seems that many people have the same approach, just bend the stalk, and it will naturally break at the point where it should be trimmed. While that approach does work, it appears there may actually be another, more proper way to do it.

To Join in the conversation about this technique keep reading and see what many people have to say.


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