If You Like Reuben Sandwiches, Then You Are Going To Obsess Over This Casserole

If You Like Reuben Sandwiches, Then You Are Going To Obsess Over This Casserole

That Moment You Realize That Your Favorite Sandwich Has Been Upgraded To A Casserole… Are You Drooling Yet? We Thought So – DIG IN HERE!

Don't you just love when your favorite sandwich ingredients get reinvented and turn into a new favorite meal of yours? This Reuben casserole does just that. It offers the same components of your favorite sandwich, but the bread is replaced with mashed potatoes.

This is a pretty awesome alternative to making eight sandwiches for the whole family. Instead, with the shape of a casserole, you get to satisfy everyones craving with an easy to clean up method.

For this recipe you can either make your own mashed potatoes, or you can pick up Betty Crocker's instant mashed potato pouches. Personally, I prefer to have the real deal with it comes to mashed potatoes, but if you're in a pinch and need to get dinner out quick, the pouches definitely get the job done.

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