Is Freezer Burned Food Edible? Here is What the USDA Has To Say

Is Freezer Burned Food Edible? Here is What the USDA Has To Say

It happens to the best of us. We tuck food in our freezer hoping to save it for a rainy day without being aware that there is a leak somewhere in the container or bag it is housed in.

That or we simply tuck it away for another day and totally forget it is in there to begin with. For my household, the second option is usually the way it goes. We have multiple freezers because I am a fan of bargain shopping and buying things on sale in bulk and putting it away in our meat freezer out back.

There have been moments where I have taken things out of the freezer and opened them up only to find that they have been freezer burned. So what do you do? Do you toss it? Use it? Turns out there is a lot of debate about this one.

So let's take a look at what the USDA has to say on the subject matter.

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  1. Cheryl Carpenter
    Cheryl Carpenter July 26, 21:15

    Freezer burned meat might be safe to eat, but it sure changes in flavor, tasting old and dried out. I always vacuum-seal meats before freezing and even the, it sometimes doesn’t make the grade. If I had dogs, I would definitely cook it up for them, but since I don’t, I usually just keep it in the freezer until trash day.

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  2. Fern Pugh
    Fern Pugh July 26, 21:24

    Nice to know after all the meats I have thrown away !!!!

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  3. Patrick Goseahox Conner
    Patrick Goseahox Conner August 08, 22:04

    It must be. I am still alive. 🙂

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  4. Joe Strong
    Joe Strong August 09, 07:33

    Im not sure but I would defrost it in water, maybe it would suck up some water and retain some of it’s moisture. Because freezer burn is the abstance of moisture.

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  5. Recipe
    Recipe September 01, 09:01

    I Love The Recipe Of Such Class!

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  6. Tastyrecipesnow
    Tastyrecipesnow January 08, 10:00

    Planets best fan !

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  7. Rick Eubanks
    Rick Eubanks January 08, 13:22

    Sure…but it don’t taste right…

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