Master Chef Shares Ways To Cook Steak Based Off Of Cut

Master Chef Shares Ways To Cook Steak Based Off Of Cut

No matter the season, a good steak dinner is a perfect meal!

There are those that save steak dinners for special occasions or those once in awhile meals. This is totally understandable as there are many who believe that the prices of meat can be exorbitant for everyday dining. There are some cuts of meat that are not as pricey and great for the once a week indulgence and we will get to those here in a bit.

With all of the time and money spent preparing these meals, we want to make sure they are as delicious as possible! That is why we have spent time and energy researching the best ways to cook the varying cuts of meat you will find at any grocer. To help you separate which ones are the cheaper cuts from those that are more expensive let's look at this quick list.

Cheap Cuts

  • Hanger– A general butcher steak, known for being extremely flavorful.
  • Tri-Tip– fairly easy to identify because of their three distinct points. These cuts can be difficult to cook because they are very thick.
  • Chuck Eye–  made from the shoulder of the cow, an area that is quite muscular. Although these steaks have a great flavor and nice marbling pattern, they can be a bit tough in texture.
  • Flap Meat– thin steaks with an extremely loose texture. These steaks soak up marinades very well. Like tri-tip steaks, flap meat steaks are fairly large and can often be cut into different portions.

Expensive Cuts

  • New York Strip Steak– a great “starter steak” for newbie steak cooks. They are more tender than chuck cuts and have a good amount of marbling, fat, and flavor.
  • Tenderloin/Filet Mignon– come from a spot right underneath the cow’s spine. This spot does not experience much movement, and as a result, gives a tenderness Filet mignon is just a cut taken from the smaller end of the tenderloin.
  • Rib-eye– a good balance of marbling, texture, and flavor. A popular choice amongst steak enthusiasts and don’t quite hit the high price-point of tenderloins. They can be purchased with the bone in or out.

Now that we have that down. Let's keep reading and take a look at the different ways we should be cooking these two classifications of meat.

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