Pumpkin Crunch Cake

Pumpkin Crunch Cake

I know that we are still in the last few weeks of fall but I cannot help but to get the itch for all things pumpkin! As we near the end of the summer we find that the sights and smells of the upcoming season begin to take over. Every store, bakery, coffee shop and craft store dust off the decor and fall has arrived. There is something about the fall season that I just love. The bonfires, the colors, the falling temperatures and yes…the pumpkin!

This dish is fall on a plate. The crunchy crumb like topping with a creamy sweetness will simply melt in your mouth! Add a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream over top of the warm layers and you have yourself the perfect dessert.

So let’s take a look at the ingredients and directions we will need to make this impressive dessert.

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  1. Melissa Ondesko
    Melissa Ondesko August 06, 23:01

    Here is a secret….. you can get pumpkin all year ’round!

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  2. Brandon Speaks
    Brandon Speaks August 06, 23:54

    Megan Tierney-Speaks minus the pecans!

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  3. Andrew Ford
    Andrew Ford August 07, 20:16


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  4. Sarah Alcaraz
    Sarah Alcaraz August 08, 19:09

    Martine Petrovich Melissa Hightower

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