Six Types Of Food That Never-Ever Should Go In The Freezer

Six Types Of Food That Never-Ever Should Go In The Freezer

Many of us think that putting food in the freezer is good for it because it keeps it fresh and makes it last longer. This is true in most cases.

The Foods That You Should Never Freeze Include:

1. Cheese
Soft cheeses such as ricotta, goat, or cream cheese separate when frozen. This of course causes currdling which is shall we say less than appetizing! If the cheese does NOT seperate and currdle while in the freezer chances are it's full of chemicles and you may want to rethink your choice of cheese.

2.  Most dairy

Cream, buttermilk, yogurt, and custard all have the same problme as the cheese we mentioned above. They separate and curdle in the freezer. I know it seems that we should be able to freeze milk many professionals say no.

3.  Eggs

This one is one that is a hot debate for all of my cooks out there. There are certian ways that you can freeze eggs but there is one way you should NEVER freeze eggs and that is while they are still in the shell. Eggs can expand when frozen, causing the shell to crack and potentially let bacteria in.

4. Fried foods

Want to save that last piece of grandma's fried chicken? Well, I hate to tell you this but you only have about a day or two to eat it because freezing it is not an appetizing option. The crispy fried exterior of fried foods is completley lost when frozen.

5. Coffee

It's OK to freeze unopened, freshly-roasted bags of coffee. But once you open the bag and start taking it in and out of the freezer,  coffee can get ruined and there is one thing I do not play around with and that's my coffee!

6. Watery produce
While some produce is okay to freeze those that have a large water content are best left out of the freezer. Once it is frozen and then thawed it works like an ice cube and that crispy celery stalk you froze is now a limp soggy mess.

Now that you know some foods that should never be in the freezer, they will start tasting truly delicious again.

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Article Source: Fox News


  1. Mary Fatheree
    Mary Fatheree April 05, 11:52

    I wouldnt eat eatt thing from that freezer, heard of food saver ?

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  2. Kathy Relf
    Kathy Relf April 05, 12:58

    I freeze buttermilk all the time works just great and does not separate.

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  3. Sally Breuer Vonburg
    Sally Breuer Vonburg April 05, 14:58

    When I raised chickens I froze eggs all the time. you break them and beat them then put in bowls and freeze. I use to do two and put in baby food jars for cakes. and enough for a family breakfast in big bowls.

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  4. Deana Marie Chausse
    Deana Marie Chausse April 05, 18:47

    I also freeze cooked eggs. My daughter likes for me to make egg muffins so I mix up some egg and add veggies cheese and meat and put it in muffin tins and bake. When they cook down I freeze them then in the morning she puts one in the microwave. Works just fine.

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  5. Tastyrecipesnow
    Tastyrecipesnow October 09, 08:30

    Anything about this is so important

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  6. Louanne Jenkins
    Louanne Jenkins October 09, 13:00

    I have frozen my coffee for years and every cup tastes like the first cup.

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