So What’s The Difference Between Chuck Roast and Chuck Steak

So What’s The Difference Between Chuck Roast and Chuck Steak

Have you ever looked at a recipe and it called for a specific kind of meat and you had no idea what it was?

When people first start cooking they often find themselves confused with the varying names and cuts tat are associated with meats. If you are not sure what kinds there are that puts you at a disadvantage as there are some very specific ways that meat needs to be cooked and depending on the kind, shape, texture of the meat cooking it wrong can ruin the whole dining experience.

We see this a lot in red meat. There are a plethora of ways that it can be sliced up and served but each way comes with its own set of instructions…

So keep reading and let's look at the differences between two different cuts of meat…

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  1. Recipe Ready
    Recipe Ready July 22, 10:30

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  2. Frank Small
    Frank Small September 02, 12:11

    how funny. did a slow cooker beef stroganoff yesterday. came home with beef chuck stew. Recipe said, Beef stew meat. Wondered if I got the right one. LOL.

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  3. Joyce Truscello
    Joyce Truscello March 03, 22:25

    the roast has more marbeling/flavor and more tender.

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