The Dangers Behind Prepackaged Ground Beef

The Dangers Behind Prepackaged Ground Beef

Standing at the grill yesterday a friend of mine struck up a conversation with me that got me thinking. Since we were standing by the grill it of course revolved around meat selection and the dangers of prepackaged ground beef.

While there is something to be said for convenience, shortcuts when cooking can alter the way that the dishes taste. These shortcuts may make things simpler they only save a small portion of time and in the end, you may be sacrificing quality which is not something any cook wants.

That's often the case when you buy pre-ground beef patties. Sure, it's a lot easier than having the beef ground when you buy it, but according to cookbook author, “Meathead Goldwyn” pre-ground patties aren't as juicy, tender or flavorful as meat that's just been ground. That's we he advocates always having the meat ground when you buy it.

However, aside from losing out on major flavor when you buy pre-packaged, there is another downfall that you need to be made aware of. If you have ever, ever, ever bought pre-packed meat you need to see this ASAP!

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  1. Marci Elliott
    Marci Elliott October 17, 06:46

    No dangers indicated… only talks about taste, fat content..
    Very misleading headline!

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