The Fascinating Thing Inside Raw Eggs Most People Have Never Noticed

The Fascinating Thing Inside Raw Eggs Most People Have Never Noticed

When baking, cooking dinner, or whipping up a batch of eggs there are many subtle things that we never notice. Unless you are a professional chef chances are you never think (or look) twice at what is inside the raw egg. For most people, unless it comes out with a tinge of red or a chunk of shell in it we simply move on.

Think about it, have you ever really looked at one? I mean, really took a good, long, close-up look at one? Because if you have, no doubt you were quite surprised at some of the things you saw lurking inside this beloved food.

For starters, have you ever noticed those strange white strings inside a raw egg? Well, they're there for a reason and they actually tell you a lot about the egg you're about to eat, which is why we wanted to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about these odd little strings, known scientifically as chalazae.

What are these little strings? Could they pose a threat to your health if consumed?

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  1. Alvada Owen
    Alvada Owen January 02, 22:18

    They are fine to eat.

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  2. Rochelle Pagan
    Rochelle Pagan January 02, 23:49

    I like them

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