The First Step Everyone Should Take When Cooking Steak

The First Step Everyone Should Take When Cooking Steak

There is just something about steak that is irresistible. Maybe it is the seasonings, or maybe it is just that it melts in your mouth. Whatever it is about steak, we all have been trying to make our steaks taste as good as the restaurant ones for years. If you do this first very important step when cooking your steak, it will really take it to a whole new level!

The One Step To Always Make Sure You Do When Cooking Steak Is:


Take off the chill.
Many recipes suggest that taking y steak out of the fridge before cooking is all about bringing  steak to room temperature. Most steaks, especially a thick-cut rib-eye or porterhouse, would actually require hours out of the fridge to reach such internal temperatures.

Instead think of this step as taking the chill off your steak; even just 30 minutes makes the steak's exterior warmer, but keeps the center chilly.
Any more than two hours out of the fridge and your steak will start to lose its chill in a bad way. Moisture can be drawn out, especially if you've salted in advance, which makes the steak harder to brown. A steak left at room temperature for longer will have a larger band of gray meat.

3 Small Tips for Improving Steak Just Out of the Fridge

  • Pat it dry with paper towels. This helps the salt stick and creates a nice dry surface for searing.
  • Salt it generously on every single side. This gives the salt a little time to season the steak and create a dry surface for seasoning. Thirty minutes is all the time it needs.
  • Put it on a cooling rack. This is a little more finicky personal hack, but I like to get even air flow on all sides of my steak. Don't have an extra cooling rack? Just flip the steak halfway through it's de-chilling time.

That's it!

As you can see, all you have to do is allow your steak to chill outside of the fridge for about thirty minutes and no more than two hours. Then it will turn out great. Have you followed this step when cooking your steak before?

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  1. Dennis Edwards
    Dennis Edwards February 24, 00:44

    The first step is to buy a better quality steak. There is no marbling on this strip steak.

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  2. Jon Stanton
    Jon Stanton February 24, 11:32

    I gave up red meat almost 30 years ago when Big Ag started poisoning beef with chemicals. Hormones, food dyes

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  3. Betty Johnson
    Betty Johnson February 24, 13:44

    Yes thx

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  4. Camille Gardner Dise
    Camille Gardner Dise February 24, 15:51

    Buy a good cut of steak. Don’t mess it up with marinade. Don’t overcook it.

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  5. Diane Williamson
    Diane Williamson March 13, 12:41

    Thank you

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  6. Diane E. Bianchi
    Diane E. Bianchi April 03, 02:59

    allow your steak to chill outside of the fridge for about thirty minutes and no more than two hours before cooking

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  7. Shane Burke
    Shane Burke May 12, 08:22

    Steaks hit the grill all year round!

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  8. Brad Marable
    Brad Marable May 12, 14:08

    Great tip, leave it out for 30 mins.

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