The Next Time You Have A BLT Make Sure You Do This With The Bacon – It Makes Them Even Better!

The Next Time You Have A BLT Make Sure You Do This With The Bacon – It Makes Them Even Better!

People have been making BLT sandwiches for years. The most frustrating part about this sandwich is not getting that tasty bacon in every bite. This easy hack is about to change all that for good!

The Trick For Getting Bacon In Every Bite Works By:

Start by cutting your slab of bacon in half.
Lay the strips parallel to each other on a baking sheet.

There's some clever folding and layering involved.
And you end up with a patterned bacon grid. Then pop it in the oven to bake.
Use tongs to place the crispy square on top of the your sandwich.
And voila! You've got bacon in every single bite.

Don't Miss A Bite Of Bacon!

This trick for getting bacon in every bite on your sandwich will help you enjoy your next BLT even more. Have used this bacon trick before?

Let Us Know How It Turned Out For You!

Article & Photo Source: Delish



  1. Bob Coleman
    Bob Coleman August 05, 15:25

    Have the belt at Tony’s in birch run,az

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  2. Bob Coleman
    Bob Coleman August 05, 15:25

    Birch run,michigan

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  3. Kenneth Lewis
    Kenneth Lewis August 05, 20:12

    Oven bake? No, fried for me thanks!

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  4. Karen Ford
    Karen Ford August 05, 22:10

    This works great!!

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  5. Sherri LaFever
    Sherri LaFever August 06, 23:32

    Just finished a BLT! My favorite sandwich 🙂

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    Lawn Mowing Lessons August 07, 00:00

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  7. Kim Fowlkes Todd
    Kim Fowlkes Todd August 08, 01:54

    Stupid post!

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  8. Karen Kutcher Mondich
    Karen Kutcher Mondich August 10, 02:05

    Kent Mondich is the BLT King! Just sayin!!!

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  9. PB Swayz
    PB Swayz August 10, 23:46

    “More tastier”? You lost me out of the gate.

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  10. Eric Carpenter
    Eric Carpenter August 11, 19:00

    Dumb click bait.

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  11. Wayne Blasius
    Wayne Blasius August 12, 02:38

    I ll just let Skip Bibb make mine!

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  12. Cathy Vitatoe Lemon
    Cathy Vitatoe Lemon August 12, 15:11

    “More tastier”?!?! How about more tasty.

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  13. Donald Rallo
    Donald Rallo August 12, 16:49

    I love bacon

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  14. Melinda Owen Ramsey
    Melinda Owen Ramsey August 14, 19:44

    Oven baked is the exact same as fried, just fried in the oven. Lol. Restaurants do it all the time.

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  15. Melinda Owen Ramsey
    Melinda Owen Ramsey August 14, 19:44

    Or just tastier. It bugged me too. Lol.

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  16. Kenneth Lewis
    Kenneth Lewis August 14, 19:45

    Thanks for the information.

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  17. Joyce Smearman
    Joyce Smearman August 17, 01:11

    it needs a fried soft crab on rye bread, best sandwich ever!

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  18. Linda Kostick Marushan
    Linda Kostick Marushan August 17, 13:48

    Danielle Ilg

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  19. Becky Hoobler
    Becky Hoobler August 17, 15:25

    Should be “even more tasty”, or “even tastier”. Not both.

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  20. Steve Scott
    Steve Scott August 17, 20:57

    More tastier? 😉

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  21. Shirley Black
    Shirley Black August 18, 13:41

    Melinda Owen Ramsey
    I agree!!! Actually my family LOVES it baked.
    Less mess & gets all done at one time
    Vs frying 🙂

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  22. Margie Jacobs
    Margie Jacobs August 21, 01:36

    Need to give this a try!

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  23. Gayle Gratcl Sutter
    Gayle Gratcl Sutter August 22, 17:18

    “Even more tastier”? Yikes!

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  24. Priscilla Mercadel
    Priscilla Mercadel August 23, 11:33

    My favorite sandwich

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  25. Teena Kilo
    Teena Kilo August 23, 14:34

    I cringed too.

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  26. Suzanne Anthony
    Suzanne Anthony August 28, 02:18

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    Health is August 28, 18:30

    Amazing very interesting

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  28. Janice Fitzgerald
    Janice Fitzgerald August 28, 19:27

    Looks super Delicious and yummy yummy for my Tummy

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  29. Joanne Osmer
    Joanne Osmer August 29, 14:34

    More tastier??????

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  30. Sharon Lynde
    Sharon Lynde August 29, 23:07

    Had this tonite.

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  31. Deland Brooks
    Deland Brooks August 30, 15:57

    If you’re not getting bacon in every bite, you’re not putting enough bacon on the sandwich. It’s just that simple.

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  32. We Love Fitness & Healthy Lifestyle
    We Love Fitness & Healthy Lifestyle November 29, 18:00

    Thanks so much! This is really nice 🙂

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  33. John Fitzpatrick
    John Fitzpatrick November 29, 22:46

    My favorite sandwich, a loaded blt with mayonnaise

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  34. Crock Pot-Slow Cooker
    Crock Pot-Slow Cooker December 03, 23:30

    I think stuff about Slow Cooker are fantastic

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  35. Jon Stanton
    Jon Stanton December 31, 09:48

    Place the bacon in the garbage and proceed..

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  36. Vickie Coldren Raymond Bach
    Vickie Coldren Raymond Bach December 31, 09:59

    Great idea..thank you..looks yummy!! Who doesn’t love bacon!!!!

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  37. Nicholas Anderson
    Nicholas Anderson December 31, 14:31

    Heretic! 😉

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  38. Foodies Frat
    Foodies Frat January 04, 20:30

    Thanks for the info

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