The Perfected Shepherds Pie

The Perfected Shepherds Pie

This Dinnertime Favorite Is Guaranteed to Stick to Your Ribs!

Shepherd's pie has been a dinnertime staple for nearly two centuries, and with just one bite it's easy to see why. This ultimate comfort food is smooth and creamy while at the same time being savory and hearty, thanks to the juicy and flavorful meat that's topped with rich mashed potatoes. Delicious! We also like to throw in a veggie such as green beans for an amazing filling.

However, while most people make their shepherd's pie the way it's been made for decades, recently many adventurous cooks have been experimenting with this tried-and-true dish and coming up with their own delectable versions. In some cases, these new versions throw in some spicy flavor to mix things up, while others are designed for someone who craves stick-to-your-ribs comfort food without quite so many calories. We can't wait to try all of these, they sound so good. In fact, we may have to try a new one for dinner each night!

To learn how to make the perfect shepherd's pie for you, please continue to Page (2) for some of our favorite options.

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  1. Bob Hayward
    Bob Hayward April 07, 02:01

    I love shepherds pie.

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  2. Jim Muse
    Jim Muse April 07, 02:27

    This looks so good!

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  3. Bill Weller
    Bill Weller April 07, 03:32

    Just had some last night with some biscuits, macaroni salad, and a big glass of sweet tea… YUM!

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  4. Sean Simmons
    Sean Simmons April 07, 03:45

    Anna Marie Rotondo

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  5. Jan Anderson-Christiansen
    Jan Anderson-Christiansen April 07, 18:05

    Chrissy Joy Christiansen

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  6. Ruby Humphrey
    Ruby Humphrey May 01, 17:13

    Love it

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  7. Jan Anderson-Christiansen
    Jan Anderson-Christiansen May 09, 19:14

    Chrissy Joy Christiansen

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  8. Rita Box
    Rita Box August 03, 12:55

    Looks good

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  9. Andrew Ford
    Andrew Ford August 03, 19:16


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  10. Brian Hamline
    Brian Hamline October 25, 21:42

    Jim MacCulloch

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  11. Connie Tanner
    Connie Tanner December 13, 04:49

    Looks good!

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