The Surprising Way to Use Olive Oil That Many of Us Don’t Know

Several years ago, olive oil went from being a specialty product that only the most dedicated culinary connoisseurs used to something touted in mainstream magazines and other publications for its superior flavor and plentiful health benefits. It didn't take long for that culinary secret to get out, and now it seems like pretty much everyone has ditched the vegetable oil and is cooking with olive oil instead.

That's all well and good, but it turns out many of us aren't getting as much out of our olive oil as we could. In fact, over at The Kitchn, they think we should be using two different olive oils! You may think that's a bit extreme, but they make a good case for why you should cook with one olive oil, which could be any olive oil from the supermarket, and then have a more luxurious and high-end olive oil that you use as a finishing oil for things like soups and salads, and also for dunking bread in. Yum!

To learn some of the many ways you can incorporate olive oil into your cooking, please continue to Page (2) for all the delicious details.

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