The Ultimate Patty Melt: Find Out How To Make The Best One Yet!

The Ultimate Patty Melt: Find Out How To Make The Best One Yet!

A Step By Step Guide On How To Perfect The Patty Melt… We Have All The Secrets On How To Make It Perfect!

I love burgers in all shapes and sizes; fat ones, skinny ones, flat ones, some the size of my head (you know, the kind that takes more than two hands to eat), inside a quesadilla… you get the idea. A patty melt gets right down to business. It doesn’t hide behind the lettuce and tomato, pretending that some parts of it are good for you. It gets right to business with its grilled cheesy bread, oh the melted gooey cheese, the saucyness, caramelized onions, and — the beef. The beef is truly the star with this burger.

There are so many great components to this patty melt that you’d think you couldn’t possibly screw it up, but you could! At least according to Epicurious.

Follow these tips on how to set your expectations and you’ll be one step closer to enjoying the best patty melt you ever could put in your mouth, and

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  1. Nothing But Amazing Food
    Nothing But Amazing Food December 18, 16:00

    Very nice.

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  2. Kelly Michele Christie
    Kelly Michele Christie December 18, 16:02

    Brian Fafford

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  3. Steve Reed
    Steve Reed December 19, 04:49


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  4. Charlene Savoy
    Charlene Savoy December 19, 14:28

    Where’s the recipe?!

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  5. Lori Buhler
    Lori Buhler December 20, 00:30

    Looks delish

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  6. MK
    MK December 22, 18:30

    Never can get the recipe from your site…

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  7. Keith Carpenter
    Keith Carpenter March 27, 20:59

    Stacey Howe

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  8. Debra Smith
    Debra Smith March 27, 22:49

    Too hard to get recipe

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  9. Mike Cohn
    Mike Cohn March 28, 04:31


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  10. Barbara Gyovai
    Barbara Gyovai March 30, 00:03

    Me too

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