These 8 Cooking Myths Are Just Flat Out Wrong

These 8 Cooking Myths Are Just Flat Out Wrong

We Were Taught These Too…But There's No Truth to Them

Many of us learned to cook by learning from other people, often older family members who passed down the tips and advice they'd been taught by their own elders. Much of this advice is tried and true, of course, which is why it's survived all these years. However, a fair amount of inaccurate advice also persists for years or even decades, even if we don't know why something that doesn't work is still believed after all this time!

We rounded up a few of the most common cooking myths that people still believe and follow, along with a handy explanation of just why these beliefs are wrong. While you may be a little embarrassed that you didn't know these were just myths, the good news is that now you can learn what you should do instead, which will immediately improve your culinary skills!

For eight of the most common cooking myths many of us still believe, please continue to Page (2) for the full list.

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