These Are the Best Baked Beans We’ve Ever Had; Seriously, They’re That Good!

These Are the Best Baked Beans We’ve Ever Had; Seriously, They’re That Good!

We Make These Once or Twice a Week!

There's really nothing we like better than a hearty side dish that combines a little bit of savory with a little bit of sweet. And we found just that with this recipe for what may be the best baked beans ever! Seriously, this is just like what Grandma used to make, and just one bite had us all nostalgic and remembering what it was like to cozy up at the dining table with a home-cooked meals at Grandma's house on weekends and for holiday dinners.

This good old-fashioned side dish has been a dinnertime staple for decades, and this particular version is just about as traditional as you can get. It uses bacon, ketchup and brown sugar for a sweet but also rich taste that has just a little bit of bite. Wow! It's the perfect accompaniment to pretty much anything, but we really like it with some barbecue or a hamburger and some tangy potato salad. Yum!

To learn how to make these perfect baked beans at home, please continue to Page (2) for the full list of ingredients and complete cooking instructions.

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  1. Emanuel Kj Preston
    Emanuel Kj Preston December 12, 16:34

    Gonna try it. Love love love baked beans.

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  2. Nelson Erwin
    Nelson Erwin December 12, 23:46

    I would add 1 lb of browned Bob Evans Hot Sausage.

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  3. Linda Kay
    Linda Kay December 13, 12:36


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  4. Susan Mc Mullen
    Susan Mc Mullen December 13, 14:16

    Gotta try it. One question what’s the Butter Beans ?

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  5. Helen Mills
    Helen Mills April 03, 01:51

    Tony Parrish makes the best ever

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  6. Ramona Harris
    Ramona Harris April 03, 17:07

    I love baked beans.

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  7. Ian Cantor
    Ian Cantor April 03, 18:18

    No pun intended!

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  8. Joan Parker
    Joan Parker April 03, 22:30

    Looks good

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