These Chicken Salad Croissants Are Made With Simple Ingredients But The Flavor Is Amazing!

These Chicken Salad Croissants Are Made With Simple Ingredients But The Flavor Is Amazing!

If you are looking for a great sandwich, look no further then these easy and truly delectable chicken salad croissants!

Sandwiches are the perfect solution for just about any meal. Whether you want an easy lunch or dinner, you can make just about any kind of sandwich you want. You can make a ham, turkey, peanut butter or even chicken salad sandwich. You just can't go wrong with a sandwich.

If you are in the mood for a truly delicious sandwich, then these chicken salad croissants are perfect for you. They are made with tender chicken, celery for a nice crunch, some miracle whip for unbelievably creaminess and a surprising ingredient thrown in that makes these chicken salad croissants the most flavorful chicken salad you will ever have. These are so incredible, they just might become your new favorite sandwich!

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  1. Video Recipes
    Video Recipes December 11, 05:00

    love the fanpage

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  2. Keith West
    Keith West December 11, 05:13

    Conrad Thompson
    You know…

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  3. Sandi Haddock DeBrand
    Sandi Haddock DeBrand December 11, 16:44

    I’m going to try this.

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  4. Connie McLain
    Connie McLain December 11, 18:32


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  5. Robert Baker
    Robert Baker December 11, 20:12

    This looks good .

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  6. Joyce Sullivan
    Joyce Sullivan December 11, 23:58

    Croissants make the best sandwiches!

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  7. Janice Fitzgerald
    Janice Fitzgerald January 08, 05:37

    Looks super Delicious and yummy yummy

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  8. Judy Reher
    Judy Reher January 08, 08:16

    I add chopped onions too !!

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  9. Roberta Durbin
    Roberta Durbin January 08, 15:31

    My favorite is very simple, diced chicken, diced celery, finely chopped walnuts, salt ,pepper and mayonnaise! Love it!

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  10. Beth Tedrow
    Beth Tedrow January 08, 17:12

    Yummy looks so good I love making that

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  11. Patricia Kontulis
    Patricia Kontulis January 08, 20:10

    add golden raisins

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  12. Nicole Martinoff
    Nicole Martinoff January 09, 05:48


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  13. Diana Swartz
    Diana Swartz January 09, 11:20


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  14. Curly Wharton
    Curly Wharton January 14, 07:28

    Save, yummy!

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  15. Joyce Reichle
    Joyce Reichle January 14, 18:42


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  16. Robert Wolfe
    Robert Wolfe February 13, 00:35

    Amanda Wolfep

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  17. Jan Anderson-Christiansen
    Jan Anderson-Christiansen March 19, 11:44

    Chrissy Joy Christiansen

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  18. Raymond Barr
    Raymond Barr March 19, 22:08

    Amber Lee

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  19. Myrna McCauley
    Myrna McCauley March 21, 00:54


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  20. Maria Craig
    Maria Craig March 28, 07:02

    yes please need dat n my life frfr

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  21. Nora Kent
    Nora Kent August 29, 06:00

    anyone like as much as me

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  22. Brett Bullock
    Brett Bullock August 29, 17:00

    Yumm yummy

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  23. Andrew Ford
    Andrew Ford August 29, 22:10

    Good eats

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  24. Nicole Martinoff
    Nicole Martinoff December 21, 05:44

    Mmm, delicious!

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  25. Crock Pot-Slow Cooker
    Crock Pot-Slow Cooker February 07, 07:30

    Who else? <3Slow Cooker

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