These Crescent Bacon Breakfast Rings Are The Hottest New Breakfast Item

These Crescent Bacon Breakfast Rings Are The Hottest New Breakfast Item

Learn how to make Crescent Bacon Breakfast Rings this weekend — because everything tastes better with bacon. With a few simple ingredients, you'll be taking your breakfast to the next level. Move over cereal!

What You Will Need

•1 can Pillsbury Crescents (8 in a can)

•8 slices of cooked bacon

•½ red bell pepper, chopped

•½ green bell pepper, chopped

•5 eggs

•1 cup cheddar cheese, shredded

•salt and pepper to taste

•1 egg for egg wash (optional)

How To Prepare

  1. Preheat oven to 375 F degrees.

  2. In a bowl beat the eggs and add the chopped peppers to it and stir. Season with salt and pepper. Cook the eggs in a skillet so that they're scrambled.

  3.  Lay out the crescent on a parchment pepper, like a star as shown in the picture above.

  4. On each crescent lay a piece of bacon. Add half of the cheese around the ring. Add the scrambled eggs around the ring and top with remainder of the cheese.

  5. Fold the crescents over. You may now brush with the egg wash if you prefer, I did because it gives the ring a nice and golden colour.

  6. Bake for about 20 minutes or until the crescents are cooked and golden brown.

Article & Photo Source: Jo Cooks


  1. Sara Betty Moore Webb
    Sara Betty Moore Webb November 27, 21:25

    Yummmmmmm breakfast

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  2. Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith November 28, 14:41

    Catherine Kislowski

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  3. Sakiyeh Walker
    Sakiyeh Walker November 29, 02:33

    Looks delicious

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  4. Living Healthy
    Living Healthy February 08, 14:00

    Thanks for the post

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  5. Susan Boyce
    Susan Boyce February 08, 17:03

    Looks good

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  6. Melba Ann Burch
    Melba Ann Burch February 08, 20:08

    Looks delicious

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  7. Vickie Burden Pfrimmer
    Vickie Burden Pfrimmer February 09, 01:51

    need a print button

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  8. Anita Angell Michaels
    Anita Angell Michaels February 09, 02:26

    Made this for dinner tonight. It was easy, filling, and totally delicious! Going to be a new Sunday breakfast item once a month..

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  9. Catherine Amjad
    Catherine Amjad February 09, 18:39


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  10. Donna Gassner
    Donna Gassner February 09, 19:16

    Looks very good

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  11. Rita Box
    Rita Box July 15, 22:03

    Like this recipe

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  12. Janet Torres
    Janet Torres July 15, 22:20

    hummmmm……they look delish……..YUM! 🙂

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  13. Andrew Ford
    Andrew Ford August 06, 03:15


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    Diane Pearl August 06, 05:11


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  15. Jon Stanton
    Jon Stanton September 26, 10:18

    Unhealthy…. poison

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