These Smothered Turkey Wings Are A Southern Favorite And Make A Fantastic Dinner!

These Smothered Turkey Wings Are A Southern Favorite And Make A Fantastic Dinner!

If You Love Chicken Wings, Then You Just Have To Try These Truly Amazing Smothered Turkey Wings For A Great Southern Dinner!

Many of us love chicken wings. They can be baked or fried and covered in anything from a sweet and spicy sauce to a rich gravy. They are just so juicy and we just can't get enough of them!

So, now that you are craving amazing chicken wings for dinner, you go to the fridge only to discover you accidentally brought turkey wings instead. No need to panic. This delectable smothered turkey wings recipe is the perfect solution. All you need to do is combine some tender whole turkey wings with some carrots, onion, and a savory gravy made with a great blend of herbs and spices and other basic ingredients that make these turkey wings completely to die for. One taste and you might love turkey wings even more than chicken wings!

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  1. Al Angle
    Al Angle January 04, 10:35

    Maria Baldina

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  2. Salli McCarty
    Salli McCarty January 12, 15:32

    My 2 youngest boys got off the bus and came into house and asked what was for supper I said flaming turkey wings BBQ wings they loved them and from then on they would request them.

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  3. Video Recipes
    Video Recipes January 18, 19:00

    best fan right here

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  4. Brett Bullock
    Brett Bullock October 10, 22:02

    Yumm yummy

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