These Steak Fajita Crunch Bombs Are Way Better Than Fast Food

These Steak Fajita Crunch Bombs Are Way Better Than Fast Food

If you have ever had a craving for Mexican-American fast food then this next recipe is for you!

Anyone who has been out past midnight knows the craving we are talking about. As you will see later in this article this craving is not reserved for those who stay out late, but for everyone who loves the taste of crunchy tacos or soft burritos. This recipe mixes both the crunchy and the soft together in one glorious masterpiece.

I am not sure what it is about this specific combination of ingredients but it works and it works well! 

The problem is no one wants to drive to get it. I cannot tell you how many people write to us, asking us to make copycat recipes. Why? Because they don't want to travel far to enjoy the foods they love.

So, we listened.

In the effort of keeping things simple, we found this recipe and tried it out. Not only is it fantastic but it's way better than you'll find at any fast food joint in town! So, grab a pen and let's get down to business because you will want to make these as soon as possible!

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