This Baklava Recipe Is An Authentic Old World Mediterranean Dessert!

This Baklava Recipe Is An Authentic Old World Mediterranean Dessert!

It's a Taste of the Old World Right in Your Kitchen!

If you've never had baklava, boy are you missing out! This traditional Greek dessert is common not only in Greece but all throughout the Mediterranean and in many parts of the Middle East. It's a sweet, flaky, nutty creation that has been a staple for centuries, often passed down from family member to family member. In fact, some cooks have their own secret recipe for their own personal version that they don't even share with anyone outside of their immediate family!

Thankfully, you don't have to have a Greek grandmother to show you how to make this delicious Old World treat, and though it can be a bit complicated to make, it's still easier than you might think. We like to make baklava for special occasions, such as holidays because it's not a dessert that most people have all the time, which makes it extra-special. However, it's great anytime, and also ideal as a sweet snack.

To learn how to make baklava at home, please continue to Page (2) for the complete instructions.

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  1. Victoria Mcphillips
    Victoria Mcphillips April 12, 22:13

    Allyson Frenzke

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  2. Jay Fletcher
    Jay Fletcher April 13, 03:14

    my neighbor is from Greece and showed me his mother’s recipe several years ago……and I make this very often

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  3. Lidia Wielechowski
    Lidia Wielechowski May 18, 13:06

    I’ll just buy it made. Sounds too complicated.

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  4. Maria Vazquez
    Maria Vazquez May 18, 17:28

    I’ve had it. I used to work with middle eastern folks and they would feed me their food all the time.

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  5. Luisa Perez
    Luisa Perez May 18, 18:40

    I love this… Omg I use to work for Arabic ppl and one of the girls made it for me…. I feel in love and now I buy it all the time….

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  6. Pamela Filasky
    Pamela Filasky May 19, 03:00

    Hard to make

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  7. Rita Box
    Rita Box July 16, 17:22

    Love this recipe

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  8. Brenda Shearer
    Brenda Shearer July 16, 17:47


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  9. Jimmy King
    Jimmy King August 03, 11:54

    Love this!

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  10. Andrew Ford
    Andrew Ford August 03, 19:15

    Good eats

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  11. Wayne Famularo
    Wayne Famularo November 27, 06:51

    Way. To. Sweet.

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