This Chicken and Veggies Recipe is Dominating Social Media

This Chicken and Veggies Recipe is Dominating Social Media

This One-Pan Dish Is Taking Pinterest by Storm!

There are a lot of things we like about summer, but fresh, juicy and flavorful tomatoes are definitely at the top of the list. They're in season and plentiful, and taste better than they do at any other time of the year. That's why we're always looking for recipes that allow us to make the most of this amazing food. This year, we didn't have to look any further than social media to find our newest favorite tomato recipe.

See, there's a mouthwatering one-pan recipe that's been making the rounds on social media, and is even the most popular tomato recipe on Pinterest, having been saved over 175,000 times. It uses a pesto chicken, combined with tomatoes and veggies such as green beans for a nutritious and delicious dinner that's incredibly easy to make. It's like a taste of summer in every bite, and it also has plenty of protein to make it amazingly satisfying.

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  1. Angel Barlow Griffin
    Angel Barlow Griffin August 08, 11:21

    Cayce Griffin

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  2. Rita Box
    Rita Box August 08, 22:50

    Looks delicious

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