This Four Ingredient Pie Crust Will Win Over Everyone on Thanksgiving

This Four Ingredient Pie Crust Will Win Over Everyone on Thanksgiving

My grandmother seemed to have pie baking down to a science and the holidays were her time to shine. I was never much of a baker in the beginning. I would watch in awe as she moved about the kitchen, never even needing to look at a recipe card. Yet, for me, if I wasn't glancing at the recipe every couple of minutes something would happen the and the pie crust would just be…odd.

When a pie is baked perfectly, as you will see later in this article it is sweet, savory and the crust just melts in your mouth. This is because a truly divine pie crust will be browned just right and will look and taste like it is worthy of a first place blue ribbon. However, getting homemade pie crust to turn out just like that can be very frustrating.

This is the very reason most people buy pre-made pie crusts from the store. However, if you really want to bake a pie and you are sadly all out of pie crusts, don’t panic. You can just make this foolproof easy pie crust out of two basic yet surprising ingredients you already have in your cabinet.

So what I have done is compiled the information for you on the next page so you too can have a GREAT pie crust



  1. Lilly Buckwalter
    Lilly Buckwalter November 14, 01:24

    Two?? Flour salt oil water. That’s four in my arithmetic

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  2. Lovicia Cram
    Lovicia Cram November 14, 01:30


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  3. Shirley Lunsford Gilruth
    Shirley Lunsford Gilruth November 14, 02:03

    New math??!!

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  4. Vicki Ollom
    Vicki Ollom November 14, 02:41

    Jennifer Halm what do you think of this?

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  5. Gail Comas
    Gail Comas November 14, 03:00

    No butter???

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  6. Lola Jones
    Lola Jones November 14, 19:07

    It’s not two ?? I counted 4!!!!

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  7. Susan Smith
    Susan Smith November 17, 20:18

    Never have success

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