This Has To Be The Best Sloppy Joe We’ve Ever Made Yet: This Secret Ingredient Made It Wayyy Better!

This Has To Be The Best Sloppy Joe We’ve Ever Made Yet: This Secret Ingredient Made It Wayyy Better!

These Are Definitely Not the Sloppy Joes You Ate as a Kid!

You may think of sloppy joes as kid food. After all, it's a staple lunch menu item at many school cafeterias, as well as something that many parents prepare for their kids as an after-school snack. However, this version of the sloppy joe is ideal for adults and kids alike, and really piles on the flavor! It's the ideal lunch but also makes a great dinner, especially if you pair it with a hearty helping of savory french fries. Absolutely delicious!

Plus, this sloppy joe recipe is quick and easy to prepare, so even if you're short on time you can make a satisfying lunch, dinner or snack the whole gang will love! This sloppy joe is definitely no ordinary sandwich, because it's packed with delicious goodies like beef, onion, bell pepper, chili powder, red pepper flakes, Worcestershire sauce and so much more!

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  1. Russell Cox
    Russell Cox July 13, 12:52

    Have to compare this to how I do them. Very similar

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  2. Angelica Nguyen
    Angelica Nguyen July 14, 12:47

    Arghghh why am i eating a whopper and not thiss!

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  3. Donna Ann Carry Hildebrandt
    Donna Ann Carry Hildebrandt July 22, 00:51

    I read the article and the recipe so what IS the “secret ingredient”?

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  4. Sandra Roth
    Sandra Roth July 23, 20:14

    Just like my sloppy joes.. No red pepper flakes only black pepper for mine..

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  5. Rebecca Kiser Ahner
    Rebecca Kiser Ahner July 23, 23:48

    There is nothing different or unusual (aka: secret) MAIN ingredient-the main ingredient is hamburger…nothing secret about that!!

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  6. Carol Darge
    Carol Darge July 26, 17:32

    Way too many ingredients – I like mine better than this.

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  7. Pat Gove-Robidoux Rodda
    Pat Gove-Robidoux Rodda July 28, 12:07

    Orginal Manwich does fine for me. Little kids do not like it too spicy.

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  8. Pam Gaudet Yanes
    Pam Gaudet Yanes July 28, 21:46

    Ronda Faris Smith….I’ve got your mom’s recipe and I think it’s the best. ..not too tomatoey!

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  9. Deborah Lilly Gonzales
    Deborah Lilly Gonzales July 29, 13:51

    These “secret ingredient” recipes drive me crazy! They’re always standard recipes, never give a hint as to what the secret ingredient really is! Why do I keep getting sucked in???

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  10. Michael Twiss
    Michael Twiss July 31, 21:27

    I like Hagerstown steamers boil the burger meat add all the other things and vinegar!

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  11. Lottie Kelsch Place
    Lottie Kelsch Place July 31, 22:26

    I always add a couple packets of Arby’s horseradish sauce…

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  12. Maggie Pearson
    Maggie Pearson August 01, 01:40

    I think the secret ingredient is either Worchestershire sauce or Red pepper flakes!!

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  13. Beverly Tull
    Beverly Tull August 04, 12:37

    This ad but you and a loop of advertising this hard to get out of a

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  14. Vicke Woodall
    Vicke Woodall August 06, 01:33

    I think this is they way they tell you to make it in Betty Crocker Cookbook. I like Levina’s Recipe too. Amish Lady

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  15. Roxanne Staley Cunningham
    Roxanne Staley Cunningham August 06, 03:39

    I know in the Spaghetti sauce Rosemary was the secret, only mentioned in the top sentence not on the ingredient list. Will have to look and see what this says. Saving for later to read.

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  16. Pete Walkoe
    Pete Walkoe August 25, 09:34

    Lindsey Haynos Walkoe

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  17. Brett Bullock
    Brett Bullock September 17, 22:49

    Yumm yummy

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  18. Judith Amanda Nicely Hill
    Judith Amanda Nicely Hill September 20, 14:23

    I like recipes like this, most of the ingredients everyone already has. I’ll try this recipe, leaving out the red pepper flakes, I don’t like spicy!

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  19. Jon Stanton
    Jon Stanton June 27, 18:56

    You didn’t grow up in Chicago

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