This Method for Cutting Cake Is Raising Eyebrows!

This Method for Cutting Cake Is Raising Eyebrows!

The technique was introduced to social media via Katherine Sabbath, a blogger from Sydney. She didn't invent it but rather learned about it from wedding caterers. Anyone who's seen the video is just as astounded as we were.

There’s been a video making the rounds on Instagram peddling a technique that’s been heralded as “mesmerizing” and “ingenious.” The video’s amassed over 1.3 million views. It involves taking a cutting board and knife and slicing the cake horizontally against the cutting board before taking that slab and slicing it into equal-sized strips. Watching it, I gasped at least three times.


Have you ever tried this technique? What did you think of it? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Article Source: Food52

Photo Cred: katherine_sabbath



  1. Bobby Arentz
    Bobby Arentz June 30, 00:26


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  2. Cindy Sykes
    Cindy Sykes June 30, 01:37

    Not very pretty on the plate.

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  3. Sharon Covault
    Sharon Covault June 30, 11:33

    Taylor Patton. This really makes sense.

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  4. Mary Clark
    Mary Clark July 01, 00:44

    Would ave been nice to see the first cut

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  5. Jessica Hayes
    Jessica Hayes August 16, 14:13

    Cristie Wilkerson-Bautista

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  6. Stephanie Anne
    Stephanie Anne March 10, 21:26

    Karolyn Bridgess

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