This Mushroom Swiss Is Like A Grilled Cheese Sandwich But… We’ve Upgraded It

This Mushroom Swiss Is Like A Grilled Cheese Sandwich But… We’ve Upgraded It

Here's everything you need for this mouthwatering sandwich. Note that you can use either wine or broth for the mushrooms but make sure that you follow the recipe exact or else it will come out too soggy.

Let's Get Started…

Ingredients To Gather:

  •  1 tablespoon butter

  •  1 tablespoon olive oil

  •  1 small onion, sliced

  •  8 ounces cremini mushrooms, sliced

  •  2 cloves garlic, chopped

  •  1 teaspoon thyme, chopped

  •  1/4 cup white wine or broth

  •  Salt and pepper to taste

  •  1 tablespoon parsley, chopped

  •  1/2 teaspoon truffle oil (optional)

  •  1 cup fontina or gruyere, shredded

  •  1/4 cup parmigiano reggiano, grated

  •  4 slices bread

  •  2 tablespoon butter

Now That You Have The Delicious & Savory Ingredients Together It Is Time To Fire Up That Skillet!

Make sure that you use Cremini Mushrooms for this dish. I found that using regular white or Portobello Mushrooms made it soggy and that ruined the toasted bread.

There is a little work that goes into making this sandwich but when it is finished it is absolutely amazing. The hardest part about making this is how to properly sautee the wine, herbs and mushrooms together. There is a special trick that we used.

If you do not follow this recipe exact then you can ruin the entire thing. The instructions on making this are very easy to follow though.

For The Full Step By Step Directions For Making This Grilled Mushroom Swiss Sandwich Please Head On Over To The Last Page Where We Show You Exactly What To Do…

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  1. Recipeandkitchen
    Recipeandkitchen February 11, 19:00

    anyone else love this as much as i do ?

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  2. Marie-Noelle Mainake
    Marie-Noelle Mainake February 11, 19:48

    Looks so yummy I will make me one -Thanks <3

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  3. Jennifer Lance Evans
    Jennifer Lance Evans February 11, 20:15

    Michael Lance

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  4. Rose Jack
    Rose Jack February 11, 20:48

    Oh my gosh I have to make one yum

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  5. Yazmin Nieto
    Yazmin Nieto February 12, 00:18

    Isabell Portillo Salinas

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  6. Sharron Jackson
    Sharron Jackson February 12, 00:37

    i cant wait

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  7. Bayli Hayes
    Bayli Hayes February 12, 03:27

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  8. Danny Smith
    Danny Smith February 12, 04:02

    , Jennifer this is right up your alley

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  9. Kristi Frias-Truman
    Kristi Frias-Truman February 12, 04:27

    Carol Ornellas.

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  10. James D White
    James D White February 12, 12:40

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    Keith Kyrola February 12, 16:17

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  14. Debbie Halstead Morgret
    Debbie Halstead Morgret February 13, 04:39

    Gayle, I think some fungus is growing in your sandwich!

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  15. Theresa Butler
    Theresa Butler April 04, 20:12

    No problem eating that luscious sammy!

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  16. Sonny LeBeaux
    Sonny LeBeaux April 04, 20:24

    Skylar Neal

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  17. Heath Jones
    Heath Jones April 04, 21:13

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  19. Robyn Higgins
    Robyn Higgins April 05, 22:08

    YES INDEED, HOLY MOLLY, Mouth is watering & so is, Connie White-Paulson’s….JS

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  20. Kevin Williams
    Kevin Williams April 05, 22:12

    That looks good!!!!

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  21. Kimberly Fitts
    Kimberly Fitts April 05, 23:45


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  22. Vicki Patterson
    Vicki Patterson April 06, 12:53

    Have made this a lot…also, with an added slice of Boars Head rare roast beef from the deli…YUM!

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  23. Lola Moore
    Lola Moore April 06, 14:52

    Willy J Moore

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  24. Michael M. McCain
    Michael M. McCain October 03, 13:35

    JACK-IN-THE-BOX used to make these and they were delicious!

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  25. Judi Johnson
    Judi Johnson October 03, 14:07

    Oh yes. Thanks!!

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  26. Brett Bullock
    Brett Bullock October 03, 15:33


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  27. Catherine Richey
    Catherine Richey October 03, 17:39

    Where’s the recipe at?

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  28. Judy Young Clark
    Judy Young Clark October 03, 17:46

    Please put the recipe on the first page. No mor clicking pages. Thx.

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  29. Shelly Stinson
    Shelly Stinson October 03, 20:26

    I would use Gouda cheese.

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  30. Victoria Lynn Davidson
    Victoria Lynn Davidson October 03, 21:14

    Gina Lynn Ramos, we can cook that tomorrow

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  31. Gina Lynn Ramos
    Gina Lynn Ramos October 03, 21:20

    I don’t like mushrooms yuck

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  32. Gina Lynn Ramos
    Gina Lynn Ramos October 03, 21:20

    But you can make that if you want

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  33. Dax DuPree
    Dax DuPree October 04, 00:45

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  34. Syreena Wiley
    Syreena Wiley October 04, 05:06

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    Joseph Battaglia October 04, 05:58

    Will Barnes come on !

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  36. Vicki Cummings
    Vicki Cummings October 04, 17:37

    Chris Cummings, I would eat this in a heartbeat.

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  37. Jon Stanton
    Jon Stanton October 04, 17:50

    Leave out wine & double the garlic

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  38. Will Barnes
    Will Barnes October 04, 19:40

    I really do need to do a live Food porn cooking show lol

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