This No-Fuss Pie Crust Only Needs Two Simple Ingredients & Comes Out Perfect Every Single Time!

This No-Fuss Pie Crust Only Needs Two Simple Ingredients & Comes Out Perfect Every Single Time!

Many people have a hard time making pie crust. However, this truly creative recipe works so well, you'll be amazed!

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The Ingredients To Gather:

  • 1 1/2 cups Golden Grahams cereal
  • 1 stick butter

The Step By Step Directions To Follow:

  1. Pulse cereal in  food processor until it becomes a fine powder, mix with a stick of melted butter.
  2. Press  into  pie plate, freeze until set, fill with whatever filling you desire.


These Golden Grahams no bake pie crust is so easy and delicious, it may just be your new favorite way to make crust. Have you tried this Golden Grahams pie crust yet?

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Article Source: Skillet Lifehacker


  1. Marilyn Knutson
    Marilyn Knutson October 18, 14:44

    Couldn’t find the recipe? Will make my own..

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  2. Wilma Lollar
    Wilma Lollar October 18, 15:24

    My. Crust. One. Cup. Flour. One. Half. Cup. Shortening. Salt. One. Tsp. White. Vinegar. Five. Table. Ice. Water

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  3. Brenda Love
    Brenda Love October 18, 16:16

    Homemade is always better

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  4. Buffy McCoy
    Buffy McCoy October 18, 17:50

    I need to try this, a pie crust that comes out just right every time.

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  5. Vicki Burge Goodwine
    Vicki Burge Goodwine October 18, 19:35

    And I don’t have a lot of counter space for rolling a crust and I don’t use flour that often do it goes to waste after making something from scratch.

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  6. Ruth Ross
    Ruth Ross October 18, 20:01

    Looks good

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  7. Pat
    Pat October 19, 20:53

    How to keep my pie crust from getting soggy. After my pie is made.

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  8. Carole Morrison
    Carole Morrison October 25, 21:39

    I’m going to try this

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  9. Carole Morrison
    Carole Morrison October 25, 21:43

    What is your recipe ? Every one on here brags there flour crust is better
    BUT I have not seen one that offer the amounts . I have tried using what you said above & they didn’t come out right .

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  10. Lyn Crawford Boyce
    Lyn Crawford Boyce October 26, 03:43

    I’ll save you time … about mid-way on 2nd page, it says the two ingredients are graham cracker cereal and butter … that’s not “real” … I use flour, salt, some sort of fat (like lard) and water …

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  11. Jeanette Sasiela
    Jeanette Sasiela October 26, 14:25

    This is not a pie crust its cereal ground up to dust do it the right way

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  12. Grace Key
    Grace Key October 26, 14:45

    Will try

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  13. Marlene Ellgass
    Marlene Ellgass October 26, 17:10

    I love making my own

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  14. Isabelle Sak
    Isabelle Sak October 27, 00:00

    My daughter, Jennifer Herda, makes a wonderfully tasty pie crust using oil. Yummmm.

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