This One Little Tip Changed How We Make Souffles

This One Little Tip Changed How We Make Souffles

It Turns Out There Really Is a Magic Trick for Making a Flawless Souffle!

We love souffles, but boy are they tricky to make! If you don't time everything just right and combine the ingredients in just a certain way, or even cook it the wrong way, that souffle you spent so long crafting might just go flat in the oven! That's one reason we very rarely make souffles at home, instead opting for them when we dine out. After all, they are the epitome of gourmet cuisine, and they just seem like something you should leave to the professionals.

However, we recently discovered a little-known trick that makes making a souffle so much easier, and ensures that yours will turn out flawless…even if you're not a gourmet cook! It all has to do with how you handle the egg whites, which are delicate and should be treated very carefully. By paying attention to this one step, you make the whole process easier. We can't wait to make a fancy souffle for our family for dinner!

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