This One Pot Cabbage Casserole Came Out Pretty Good & Was Super Easy To Make

This One Pot Cabbage Casserole Came Out Pretty Good & Was Super Easy To Make


Damn This Was Good!

We just love casseroles. They're the perfect main course for both a casual weeknight dinner and special occasions such as festive family gatherings, holiday dinners and dinner parties with friends and family. We just combine several of our favorite ingredients in a pan, stick in the oven and cook to perfection, and then serve with a couple of delicious vegetable side dishes.

This spicy cabbage casserole is one-pot cooking at its finest. Not only does it taste amazing, it doesn't require us to dirty up all of the pots and pans in the kitchen, so instead of worrying about cleaning everything up after dinner, we can just enjoy our meal. Plus, this casserole is loaded with goodies, including beef, cabbage, onion, rice, cheese, tomatoes and plenty of seasoning!

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  1. Diane Williamson
    Diane Williamson October 04, 04:41


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  2. Misty Peterson Schiffner
    Misty Peterson Schiffner October 04, 19:57

    Made this last night. I used 1 lb ground beef and 1 lb hot sausage. Soooo good!

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  3. Anita Godwin
    Anita Godwin October 08, 07:06


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  4. Plastiware
    Plastiware November 23, 09:30

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    Ketogenic Diet for Beginners November 23, 13:00

    Leave it with me!

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