This Pork Shoulder Is So Simple And Full of Flavor

This Pork Shoulder Is So Simple And Full of Flavor

If You Have Some Pork Shoulder In Your Fridge, Then You Need To Make This Quick And Incredible Crispy Salt And Pepper Pork!

Pork shoulder is one of those meats that most of us love. It is so tender and full of flavor and just melts in our mouth.They only thing we don't love about this wonderful meat is the fact that it tastes so long to cook. This means we usually have to save this meal for a weekend when we have extra time.

If you are really craving some delicious pork shoulder but don't have hours  to cook it, then this Crispy Salt And Pepper Pork is perfect for you. It is bursting with so much flavor but it won't take all day to make. All you need to do is combine some tender pork shoulder with some peppercorns for extra flavor plus a wonderful blend of herbs and other spices thrown in to make this the best pork shoulder you have ever tasted. You'll be amazed by how easy it is too!

We Have Gathered All The Ingredients And The Step By Step Directions To Follow And They Can Be Found On The Next Page.

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