Too Lazy to Cook? Try a Foil Packet Chicken Recipe!

Too Lazy to Cook? Try a Foil Packet Chicken Recipe!

Foil Packet Dinners Have All of the Flavor…For a Lot Less Work!

Around here, we're huge fans of foil packet dinners. They're an easy and low-stress way to make a hearty, home-cooked and delicious meal that doesn't require spending hours in the kitchen. However, they certainly look and taste like they took all day to make! Whether you're tired after a long day of work, or cooking's just not really your thing, you can still whip up a delicious and nutritious meal by using the foil packet method.

All you do is place all of your ingredients in the foil (this includes meat and veggies), then seal it up and place it in the oven or on the grill, and in no time you'll have a complete meal. You can even eat it right in the foil, meaning you don't have to dirty up a lot of pots and pans for cooking, or a lot of dishes for serving. This also makes this method perfect for camping or other activities where you don't have access to a kitchen but still want a delicious meal.

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    Tin foil causes Alzheimer. This is scientifically proven.

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